Logan Morrison was wrong to call out Gary Sanchez for Home Run Derby selection

Tampa Bay Rays first baseman Logan Morrison is having a fine season, perhaps even one worthy of representation in the MLB All-Star Game. He might have had a point when lamenting not getting chosen for the Home Run Derby, but it was lost when he called out New York Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez.

Judge is an earthquake of a man. He won the Home Run Derby with long, long, long home runs, and we’re lucky to watch him.

What I can’t stop thinking about is how players keep getting bigger and bigger. And bigger and bigger. It’s not just the baseball players. Twenty years ago, I was the same height as the average American male. Now I’m two inches shorter because these damned kids with their beef hormones in the hamburgers, I don’t even know. Everyone is getting bigger. But especially the baseball players.

Remember that Cal Ripken was supposed to be a freak because he was 6’4 and a shortstop. Now those kinds of shortstops are the rule, not the exception.

My question to you is if we’ll be here in 2047 watching a 7’0, 320-pound man in the Intergalactic Home Run Derby, marveling at the spectacle and forgetting just how big Judge was.

There are two answers to that. The first is that people don’t really talk about Frank Howard anymore, even though he was definitely a proto-Judge:

It’s more likely for a league like the 2017 AL to exist, with several teams in contention.

One more time with feeling: There’s nothing special about Vancouver Canucks Cheap Jerseys August 9. The Orioles and Angels could lose three in a row and fall right the heck off this chart Youth Authentic Cheap Jerseys forever, and the 2017 season suddenly isn’t much different than several other seasons in the Wild Card Era.

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