In this case, it wasn’t really about the turnovers. It was about the sacks.

Nine sacks, to be specific. All in the first half, before Cutler was knocked out of this one with a concussion. The sacks hurt Cutler’s QBR to varying degrees, but ultimately Cutler’s piece of the blame amounted to a total of minus-5.81 expected points on those nine plays.

Cutler was replaced by backup Todd Collins, who didn’t last long himself and had to be replaced by third-string QB Caleb Hanie.

Cutler did throw an interception too, intended for Greg Olsen and picked off by Terrell Thomas, and that was his costliest play.

It’s hard to believe given all that, but the Bears entered that game with a 3-0 record and went on to reach the NFC Championship before losing to the Packers.

Before Manning and the Broncos won the Super Bowl, before he took his job back from Brock Osweiler and before he sat out with a plantar fascia injury, there was this game. The worst QBR game ever.

Kizer’s press conference closed with a question about whether he’ll reflect on how close the Browns were to winning this opener.

He deflected again, in the same calm demeanor.

“The competitor in me probably will never think that way,” he said. “I know that we have got to show who we are and the progress that we are making. That is being able to go against what is known as one of Cheap Jerseys Youth the better teams in our conference consistently that way. Now, we need to go out there and make sure Cheap Jordan Jerseys China that the lulls that we talked about earlier are eliminated and that we are driving that ball down as much as we can.”

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