Preliminary TV ratings for Sunday’s games down from previous year

Preliminary television ratings for Sunday’s NFL games finished lower as compared to the same week last year. CBS said its national games, which featured the Green Bay Packers’ 27-24 win over the Cincinnati Bengals and the Kansas City Chiefs’ 24-10 win over the Los Angeles Chargers, were down 1 percent in the overnight ratings as compared to its Week 3 national games for the 2016 season.

Including all of CBS’ regional games, the network’s games were up 4 percent as compared to the games in Week 3 of the 2016 season.

“I think the novelty has worn off somewhat with the advent of multiple Wholesale Jerseys All matches,” Joe Crilly, spokesperson for William Hill U.K., told ESPN in an email. “Turnover on the U.K. games has been declining in recent years to the point where the international series is attracting about the same as a 6 p.m. or 11:30 p.m. kickoff.”

If you missed any of the action in Week 3 of the NFL season, ESPN Chalk gets you caught up on the winners and losers of every game from a gambling perspective.
Overall, interest in betting on the NFL in the U.K. has grown, Crilly said.

“It continues to grow, just turnover on the U.K. games has dipped,” Crilly Wholesale NBA Jerseys said. “I expect turnover on the Super Bowl will increase again this year.”

Ladbrokes said it’s seen a steady increase in both the NFL games played in the U.K. and the league overall.

“On the whole, we’re seeing a steady increase with every NFL game played at Wembley, which can only be good news for the sport,” Ladbrokes spokesperson Alex Apati told ESPN in an email.

The reality of the moment is sweet.

Tavecchio gets philosophical — With Sebastian Janikowski injured, the Raiders turned to Giorgio Tavecchio at kicker in their 26-16 win over the Titans. He rewarded their faith in him by kicking four field goals, including two from 52 yards. But asked about the experience of his NFL debut, Tavecchio dived into the world of philosophy, responding: “Aristotle said anticipation can be the greatest form of pleasure. I think it was a little exaggerated in my mind.”

Britt likens offense to stage – From philosophy to theater courtesy of the mind of Seahawks center Justin Britt, who chose an interesting analogy when asked about their continued offensive-line woes. “To me, playing offense is kind of like a play — you’re putting on a play, and if you don’t have the right rhythm, and somebody’s off, it kind of ruins the play,” Britt said. “Rhythm is everything to us.” The problem the Seahawks have up front is that everyone is off, and if their offensive line were a play, then it would have been canceled some time ago.

“It was a really proud moment that they called me [as the Cowboys draft pick] and I was able to represent my country.”

California-born Awuzie’s parent’s weren’t so easy to convince when he wanted to play American football while at school in San Jose, though, as it shifted focus away from his academics, which they considered far more important.

“That was the biggest problems in our house. Just me and my brother not living up to our educational standards,” he explained.

“Especially in elementary school to middle school, sometimes even in Cheap Jerseys Wholesale high school. That’s what caused our parents stress. Football was all good and everything but if the grades weren’t right, the Cheap Jerseys USA house wasn’t right.”

How the Jazz really lost Gordon Hayward in 2014

Despite having the most memorable Jazz season in the post-Jerry Sloan era, Utah’s cache has been cut in half with the departure of Gordon Hayward. But it didn’t have to be this way, and it’s partially the organization’s fault that it is.

In the summer of 2014, the Jazz had the chance to offer Hayward five-year, $80 million max deal in free agency after they failed to agree to terms on an extension for the swingman’s services earlier that fall. Instead, the Jazz opted to let Hayward test the market.

That’s where things went down hill.

Yes, the Jazz went about things the right way. They built their team up through the draft and hired the perfect coach for their talent. But part of Hayward’s sudden departure has to fall on them. They could easily have, at least, one more season of Hayward in Utah. Now? We’ll never know what this team could’ve truly become.

There are more Kyries out there. There are other stars who would bristle at living in LeBron’s massive shadow, who would feel as though no matter the accolades they receive, or the money they earn, they were being shortchanged. There are more players who want exclusive glory, even if the glory comes less frequently. Kyrie isn’t alone.

But he’s the first true star to say no to LeBron, and he did it after living at the right Cheap Jerseys China hand of the King for three wildly successful years. For so long, many of us presumed that LeBron’s basketball nature made life inside his court easy. Perhaps that wasn’t an accurate assessment. Perhaps for a star who considers himself an equal to LeBron, living in the shadow is more tortuous than losing 50 games a year.

Kyrie may soon get the chance to remember what the latter Cheap Jerseys And Sunglasses feels like.

Restricted free agency won the day for the players on Thursday.

Hardaway and Otto Porter, Jr. both sought out huge, player-friendly deals and got them from teams with cap space.

Porter’s four-year, $106 million deal comes with a player option in its final year plus a 15 percent trade kicker, according to Tim Bontemps of the Washington Post. The deal also has a very weird, but great, stipulation where Porter gets paid 50 percent of his annual salary October 1 of each year.

Restricted free agency helps teams retain younger players, but we’re also seeing them hurt each other with it. But either way, the players get the payday they’re looking for.

Nene tried to re-sign with the Houston Rockets on Saturday, agreeing to a four-year, $15 million deal only for the NBA to tell both parties that they can’t do that. See, in the new CBA, there’s an over-38 clause that prevents players from signing for longer than three years if they are or would turn 38 during the length of the contract. Instead, the 34-year-old Nene settled for a three-year, $11 million deal with Houston the next day.

Nene missed out on an extra $4 million, but he’s still making $11 million. He’s a winner here. The Rockets get a quality backup big man back, one who served them well all last season. And the NBA wins because Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys you can never sneak something past them.

Last year, due to an unprecedented cap spike, every team in the league had cap space. It helped facilitate many deals happening quickly, including some lucrative ones. This Cheap Atlanta Braves Jerseys year, free agents may be hoping for the same type of deals while teams realize that they just don’t have that type of money. This is the result.

Did Joel Embiid really catch a ball at the Home Run Derby?

There are many questions at the Home Run Derby — how far can Aaron Judge hit a ball? How many home runs can Aaron Judge hit? Why is Aaron Judge the greatest human being of all time?

We also know that Embiid CLAIMS he caught a baseball at some point during the night. Is this possible? Sure, plenty of balls get hit into the stands. But we also know, through video evidence, that while Embiid had a chance to catch the ball, he probably did not.

Why do the Arizona Diamondbacks (a snake) have a bobcat mascot? Who knows, but D. Baxter is a pretty dang majestic cat. Look how furry he is! And he wears a jersey… which is always a good look for a cat.

The Cincinnati Bengals good cat mascot got its name from Bengals fans chanting “Who dey! Who dey! Who dey think gonna beat dem Bengals?” in the 90s. And while the name may look a little awkward at first, the one gets points, of course, for be a tiger — the coolest of kitties.

The Denver Nuggets, despite claims (by me) that their mascot is a large chicken nugget, actually have an extremely cool cat as a mascot. Rocky has a lightening bolt as a tail, wears a tracksuit and sometimes is very tall — what’s not to love.

The Kansas City Royals mascot is Sluggerrr, a lion with a crown built Wholesale NFL Jerseys into his head. He also has a growl built into his name, which his honestly purrfect.

Of course, there are plenty of other good cats out there, mascots and otherwise. It would be impossible to rank them all. These are just 10 of the finest felines, but here’s a reminder Real Cheap Jerseys that all cats are good. And sports cats are even better.

David Price on Dennis Eckersley incident: ‘I’m just standing up for my teammates’

David Price told reporters Saturday he is frustrated by the fact that NESN Red Sox broadcaster Dennis Eckersley “doesn’t ever show his face in the clubhouse.”

The Boston Globe revealed last week that Price blew up at Eckersley on a June 29 team flight, mocking the Hall of Fame pitcher (“Here he is — the greatest pitcher who ever lived! This game is easy for him!”) and telling him to “get the f*** out of here.”

While several high-ranking members of the Red Sox organization have apologized to Eckersley, Price didn’t sound apologetic in his first public comments about the incident.

Price noted that his frustration stemmed from the fact Eckersley is critical of the team but is never around the clubhouse.

Gonzalez struck out five Marlins batters with three walks and hit a batter in the eighth inning before leaving with a 1-0 lead. Sean Doolittle came on to preserve the 1-0 victory and record his seventh save of the season.

“Look at this passion. I mean, I’m not an all-star, my career numbers aren’t the best. I came out here in the game and the crowd was unbelievable, just showing me love,” he told AT&T SportsNet in the postgame interview.

That’s why he prefaced that statement with a simple “I love it here in Pittsburgh.”

And now he has a chance to stay in Pittsburgh through next year. The Braves signed him to a two-year contract as a free agent last offseason. After the injury, and after the emergence of young infielders Johan Camargo and Ozzie Albies in Atlanta, Rodriguez was expendable. The Pirates, who don’t know if Jung Ho Kang will return in 2018, can use Rodriguez to, at minimum, fill the utility role in which he Toronto Blue Jays Cheap Jerseys excelled the past two seasons.

If he gets to do that, then he can view the past six months in much different, much Victor Cruz Cheap Jerseys more positive, way. He can look at them as the time it took to get him back to a place he loves.

Much of what happened Wednesday wasn’t Fleury’s fault.

Before you know know it, the kids in Toronto are going to be ruling the Eastern Conference. The Connor McDavid-led Oilers will be a Stanley Cup contender for the foreseeable future. At least other aging teams like the Blackhawks and Penguins have Stanley Cups to show off.

What the Rangers have done since Lundqvist first took the crease in 2006 is remarkable, but also disappointing. The Blueshirts have gone to the playoffs 11 times in the past 12 seasons, but have just one Stanley Cup Final and two conference finals trips to show for it. That stretch includes three different head coaches, a reminder that winning and winning championships don’t always go hand in hand.

For those 12 years, Lundqvist has been the Rangers’ cornerstone. The guy fans around the league associate with the Rangers. He has won an Olympic gold medal and a Vezina Trophy, and he owns franchise and NHL records. He is a Hall of Famer.

“’Flower’ has carried us here,” Cullen said. “He’s played so well for us. That makes it even worse that we kind of hung him out to dry. Bottom line is we didn’t play well. We have to figure it out here as a group. We have to understand that it’s not going to be easy. We have to put our best effort out there. We Cheap Barcelona Jerseys have to win battles. We have to fight a little bit. We didn’t tonight.”

Cullen is right. Much of what happened Wednesday wasn’t Fleury’s fault.

3. Flip Forsberg, Predators — With a goal and an assist, Forsberg will ride a seven-game point streak into the Cup Final. His 15 points set a franchise playoff record.

2. Pekka Rinne, Predators — Rinne, like much of these playoffs, was Cheap Chelsea Jerseys sensational, stopping 38 of 41 shots. Credit his resurgence for the Preds’ unlikely run.

1. Colton Sissons, Predators — Sissons joined Forsberg as the only players in franchise history to score a hat trick in the playoffs.

He has won teams over in interviews and, so far, as a receiver at the Senior Bowl.

Pumphrey said his role model is Marshall Faulk, as expected. Pumphrey broke many of Faulk’s San Diego State records and looks to offer that same type of dual-threat value as a speedy, versatile pass-catcher.

As for most skill position players, the 40 is still the great equalizer in the minds of NFL scouts. And Pumphrey certainly is aware of that.

Right after the season, I ran a 4.48 before training at EXOS, he said. I’ve run faster in the spring. I’ll be in the 4.3s, hopefully the low end.

The Senior Bowl often invites players with historically great production because of the allure, but Pumphrey wasn’t invited simply because he’s a name to know. He’s here to prove he’s an NFL running back who can fit the Darren Sproles/DeAnthony Thomas mold.

He has won teams over in interviews and, so far, as a receiver at the Senior Bowl. He might be on track to secure himself an NFL draft selection and a chance to be a difference-maker once again on the football field.

As well as the Steelers defense played against Smith and Co., it will need to be even better next week against the Patriots. The Steelers also can’t afford to settle for field goals, like they did at Arrowhead. But if Bell can keep running it like he has been, the Steelers Cheap Hockey Jerseys Custom might be able to keep the Patriots offense on the sideline.

They say defense wins championships and the Steelers played championship defense on Sunday as the Steel Curtain fell on Kansas City.

Then someone (believed to be quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, per CSN New England) was heard warning players to keep your mouth shut. Another unknown voice mentioned the need to keep it cool on social media.

We know Brown was ignoring the second part at the time. He was busy mugging for his camera and engaging nearby teammates. Guaranteed the first part will be enforced much more closely once Brown’s video circulates.

NFL free agency: Eagles add pair of WRs in Alshon Jeffrey and Torrey Smith

The Eagles added Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith at the start of Thursday’s free agency period, the team confirmed.

Jeffery will join the team on a 1-year deal worth $14 million, according to ESPN. Smith agreed to a three-year contract, which multiple outlets claim is worth $15 million.

Philadelphia had one of the poorest receiving corps in the NFL last season, especially after losing Jordan Matthews to injury. Smith and Jeffery should be able to become additional threats for developing quarterback Carson Wentz.

Thanks to a leak from Indians general manager Mike Chernof’s son back in spring training, the Tribe was allegedly trying to sign Lindor to a seven-year extension. Now with every passing season the club doesn’t make a deal, the price for Lindor will increase, assuming he continues to perform at an All-Star level.

Lindor, 23, who isn’t even arbitration-eligible Cheap Jerseys Mastercard until after 2018, is off to a torrid .351/.415/.684 start with four homers and 10 RBIs through 14 games. Already a Gold Glove winner, Lindor could join an impressive list of free agents after the 2021 season if his asking price gets out of the Indians range.

Lindor, Bryant, Correa, Corey Seager, Addison Russell, and Kyle Schwarber could all demand upwards of $150 million when the time comes. It would be another free-agent wave of stars mirroring the 2019 class which, as of now, includes the likes of Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, Josh Donaldson, Adam Jones, and potentially Clayton Kershaw and David Price, who have opt-out clauses.

Baseball Hall won’t alter voting rules to keep out PED-tainted players

The Baseball Hall of Fame won’t change its eligibility rules as they relate to candidate players and performance-enhancing drugs, Hall president Jeff Idelson told ESPN on Thursday.

It has been more than 25 years since the Hall of Fame changed its voting rules to assure that all-time hits leader Pete Rose couldn’t be enshrined because he is on MLB’s permanently ineligible list for gambling on baseball.

“Rules are always a topic of conversation and thought,” Idelson said. “There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about any of our sets of rules for election.

“I thought about it for a minute,” Rodriguez said, via ESPN. “I flew the whole family home after that Friday night. I thought about it a little bit that weekend. I was fortunate to have a few offers. I called them back and said, ‘No thank you.'”

Rodriguez is making $21 million while not playing this season, but he and Yankees principal owner Hal Steinbrenner agreed for Rodriguez to return as a special adviser and spring training instructor, especially for the yonger players.

“I could spend all the time in the world on the field,” Rodriguez said. “But these guys are great talents. They are the best players in high school and college. I think my value is taking them out to dinner and having a three-hour dinner. Recognizing that the first hour-and-a-half, they will probably pretty nervous and pretty tight. By the second half of that dinner, they will start asking real Cheap Hats And Jerseys questions.”