How the Jazz really lost Gordon Hayward in 2014

Despite having the most memorable Jazz season in the post-Jerry Sloan era, Utah’s cache has been cut in half with the departure of Gordon Hayward. But it didn’t have to be this way, and it’s partially the organization’s fault that it is.

In the summer of 2014, the Jazz had the chance to offer Hayward five-year, $80 million max deal in free agency after they failed to agree to terms on an extension for the swingman’s services earlier that fall. Instead, the Jazz opted to let Hayward test the market.

That’s where things went down hill.

Yes, the Jazz went about things the right way. They built their team up through the draft and hired the perfect coach for their talent. But part of Hayward’s sudden departure has to fall on them. They could easily have, at least, one more season of Hayward in Utah. Now? We’ll never know what this team could’ve truly become.

There are more Kyries out there. There are other stars who would bristle at living in LeBron’s massive shadow, who would feel as though no matter the accolades they receive, or the money they earn, they were being shortchanged. There are more players who want exclusive glory, even if the glory comes less frequently. Kyrie isn’t alone.

But he’s the first true star to say no to LeBron, and he did it after living at the right Cheap Jerseys China hand of the King for three wildly successful years. For so long, many of us presumed that LeBron’s basketball nature made life inside his court easy. Perhaps that wasn’t an accurate assessment. Perhaps for a star who considers himself an equal to LeBron, living in the shadow is more tortuous than losing 50 games a year.

Kyrie may soon get the chance to remember what the latter Cheap Jerseys And Sunglasses feels like.

NBA trades: Nerlens Noel dealt to Mavs as Sixers get two players, draft pick, report says

The 76ers are sending big man Nerlens Noel to the Mavericks for Justin Anderson, Andrew Bogut and a conditional first-round draft pick ahead of the trade deadline, The Vertical reported Thursday, citing unidentified NBA sources.

Much of the deadline-day buzz around the Sixers has focused on Jahlil Okafor, but Thursday’s trade moves another of Philly’s young big men.

According to The Vertical, the Mavs long have been intrigued with the 6-11 Noel and will work to sign the 22-year-old to an extension.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr was asked about Twitter Friday. The questions were about how he would have used Twitter as a player, but he used the opportunity to poke fun at President Trump.

“Twitter is great. Our president has proven what an effective form of communication it can be,” Kerr sarastically quipped. “You can even use it in international relations, policy decision-making. Policy is a different tool. It is bigly.”

He did eventually answer the original question.

“I would have complained to Phil Jackson about my playing time, for sure” Kerr said with continued sarcasm. “Phil would have used it for sure. I probably would have called out (former commissioner) David Stern on stuff. It’s best used after a few beers, too. That seems to be the most powerful use of the tool.”

Clearly the Warriors coach was in a good mood after seeing his team score Cheap Jerseys And Sunglasses 50 points in the third quarter of Thursday’s game to rally for a 123-113 win over Cheap Jerseys China NHL the Clippers.