Man flushes deceased friend’s ashes down ballpark toilets across the U.S.

Two men. One love of baseball. A very interesting tribute.

Sounds like the intro to a great sports movie, right? In reality, 56-year-old Tom McDonald has been honoring his late best friend, Roy Riegel, by flushing parts of his ashes down the toilets of baseball parks across the country.

Yes, you read that right.

Riegel, who died nine years ago, was an avid Mets fan, as is McDonald. After Riegel passed away, his family entrusted McDonald with a portion of his ashes to dispose of them in a fitting way.

The president saw that quote and bragged about it at a recent speech. Typically presidents don’t get involved with NFL free agents not being able to get a job, so Goodell was asked how he felt about the comments.

“That’s a comment that he’s going to make and that’s fine,” Goodell said.

Maybe the commissioner is scared to face Trump’s Twitter wrath as well as he didn’t comment much on the situation. He expanded a little bit more when speaking about Kaepernick in broader terms, but still didn’t really say much.

“Our teams are out there working hard to figure out how they can improve each of their clubs,” Goodell said. “They’re making the best decisions they can. And they’re going to do what they can to improve their teams and win. That’s what they want to do for the fans. So Cheap Jerseys Direct Coupon that’s what they’re focused on and that’s what we’re focused on. Everyone’s going to make other comments, and obviously we’re respectful of those comments, particularly from the president.”

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