Kuzma has taken full advantage of the Genius Series, forming a tag team connection with Johnson that already is providing visible results.

The Rock came in and was so passionate, https://www.cheapnfljerseyssun.com/ Magic Johnson continued, as his eyes and voice grew more animated. He really fired them up and got them going and [feeling] like, ‘Hey, I need to stay in this gym and do the things I need to do.’ [Dwayne Johnson] gave them the discipline. Making sure [to watch] what you put in your body. That was a big thing, too. Everybody changed their diets now — Lonzo changed [his diet].

Lakers president Magic Johnson says he’ll step down if he is unable to lure a prized free agent to Los Angeles by the end of next summer.

Of course, if Johnson and Pelinka meet their lofty free-agency goals, the Lakers might have their own basketball genius residing in the Staples Center locker room.

I think that Los Angeles is the most unique city in the world in terms of a place where, like, the greats or geniuses congregate, Pelinka said. So why not take advantage of this here?

Here are a few wrongs we wish we could make right.

On the first four, the Patriots had an average starting field position of their own 27-yard line. On the last one, with the game tied and 1:13 left to play, WOOF. Didn’t even come close to getting the ball in bounds, which gave the Pats the ball at their own 40. I’m not saying the Panthers would have won otherwise, but it would have been a hell of a lot more interesting to see New England have to mount more than a 37-yard drive that ended in a 41-yard field goal to win the game. — Ryan Nanni

As a Jaguars fan, the easy and chic answer right now is Myles Jack wasn’t down. But I’ll go back a couple decades instead and wish Frank Wycheck threw wholesale nfl jerseys china his lateral a couple inches further upfield. He was so, SO close to an illegal forward pass, but nope, instead he threw an absurdly perfectly parallel lateral. It turned into the Music City Miracle.

Why do I care as a Jaguars fan? They were 14-2 that season, only dropping two games in the regular season to who else but the Titans. A week after Tennessee’s miracle win over the Bills, the Jaguars DESTROYED the Dolphins, 62-7. You can’t convince me that if the Jaguars play the Bills or Colts in the AFC Championship they don’t go to the Super Bowl. Damn you, Frank Wycheck. — Adam Stites

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